Oskar Schlemmer

The Triadic Ballet 

Schlemmer began running the Theatre Workshop at the Bauhaus in 1923. Schlemmer created the costumes and then choreographed the dancers moments. The Choreography  was created bearing in mind the restrictions the costumes created, and the movements they suggested. The ballet was taken on tour to promote the Bauhaus.

Franz Schömbs’ and Georg Verden’s reconstruction of the ballet in 1968:


(See also: http://www.nytimes.com/1985/10/03/arts/dance-triadic-ballet-a-la-bauhaus.html)

Slat Dance 1 – 1927

Lisa le Feuvre on Slat dance 1:

Slat Dance 1 from 1927 used equipment designed for physical education to lengthen the dancer’s limbs. Just as 18th and 19th century ‘progress’ compelled people to conform movements to the rhythm of the factory, Schlemmer’s constricting additions forced their wearers to empathise with their own mechanics.

Taken from: Extending Bodies, Tate Etc, Issue 36 Spring 2016, PP64 



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